VANAOC is a fine jewellery brand, specialising in 18K Solid Gold, founded in Melbourne, Australia. We are all about luxury for the body, with a sustainable and conscious future in mind.

Inspired by classic and timeless styles, our jewellery has been designed to add effortless luxury to your every day look. VANAOC is committed to creating quality pieces that will be loved and worn for years.

From the moment you wear it, our jewellery becomes a part of your daily life and stays with you forever.


VANAOC is a brand that values its impact on nature and the environment - from aspects of our production, the materials we use, our packaging and local workflow, we are committed to our sustainability journey.

Dedicated to creating high quality jewellery with a purpose to be worn every day and last forever, we only use premium materials such as 18K Solid Gold. The quality ensures that our jewellery is tarnish free and hypoallergenic, meaning it is a sustainable alternative to overly trendy, disposable fashion jewellery.

We stand for a slower, more measured approach to the fast-paced mass-produced manufacturing process, that’s why we only produce in small collections to limit excess waste.

Our packaging includes biodegradable materials, no excess plastic & recycled paper. We have specially created the jewellery boxes and pouches to be a keepsake forever to compliment the pieces. 

We are committed to always improving and exploring practices to become more sustainable as we continue to grow.


Underpinned by our commitment to quality, our collection of jewellery is ethically handcrafted. We aim to provide luxury jewellery that is both ethically made and socially conscious. We recognise the importance of honest and transparent practices, and only partner with makers that align with our values.

VANAOC is proudly and responsibly made in Saigon, Vietnam. Our factory is audited annually on the following criteria: Universal Rights, Management Systems/Code Implementation, Freely Chosen Employment, The Right to Freedom of Association, Safety & Hygiene Conditions, Child Labour, Living Wages & Benefits, Working Hours, Discrimination, Regular Employment, Sub-Contracting, Harsh/Inhumane Treatment and Entitlement to Work. From the audit and findings, VANAOC is proud to be working with a factory that holds the same core values.

We believe you should never have to sacrifice your style for
ethics, rather we believe it is entirely possible to have both.